Duke de Biron

Birth: 1747

Death: 1793

Occupation: General; Politician

Fought in the American War of Independence and was promoted after being sent back to France with news of the British defeat at Yorktown. He was elected to the Estates General and then appointed to command the French Revolutionary Army of Flanders (1791) and the Rhine (1792). He resigned in July 1793 after a lengthy spell of duty in command of Republican troops fighting the Vendée rebellion. Suspicions about his commitment to the Revolutionary cause grew, and he was eventually guillotined on 31 December 1793.





Appears in these Letters:


25 May: Revolutionary France Faces Military Disaster

After much triumphalist rhetoric in Parisian political circles ahead of France's declaration of war against Austria on 20 April 1792, the harsh...


31 July: Revolutionary Justice in the summer of 1793

The duchess offers news and personal reflections on recent developments in the French Revolution (as seen from her home in the heart of the capital)...

Armand Louis de Gontaut, duc de Lauzun, and duc de Biron

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