Charlotte Corday

Birth: 1768

Death: 1793

Corday was born into a minor noble family in Normandy. She was living in Caen when a number of prominent Girondin deputies escaped there after the purge of the Girondins on 2 June 1793. Their influence (through their speeches, and also meeting some of them in person) formed part of her decision to travel to Paris and assassinate the radical Montagnard journalist Jean-Paul Marat on 13 July 1793. This led to her immediate trial and execution.





Appears in these Letters:


31 July: Revolutionary Justice in the summer of 1793

The duchess offers news and personal reflections on recent developments in the French Revolution (as seen from her home in the heart of the capital)...

Charlotte Corday, painted at her request by Jean-Jacques Hauer, a few hours before her execution

[Source: Wikipedia]