Marquise de Créquy

Birth: 1714

Death: 1803

The duchess's Paris residence, the Hôtel d’Elbeuf (previously the Hôtel de Créquy), was inherited via her elder brother from their aunt, the maréchale de Créquy—Catherine de Rougé (1641-1713)—in 1732. The marquise de Créquy mentioned in the Letters had married into another branch of the Créquy dynasty in 1737, but it is unclear whether the duchess saw a meaningful connection between them on account of this. Although there is no direct evidence that the marquise and the duchess of Elbeuf were personally acquainted (and they would certainly not have found themselves to be kindred intellectual spirits as the marquise had been a keen participant in Enlightenment culture), the marquise was of a similar age and the duchess does make a point of listing her by name from among the mass arrests of early June 1793. It is possible that they had moved in the same social circle at some point earlier in the century.





Appears in these Letters:


5 June: Reflections on Political Repression

The duchess explains how the balance of political power in the capital has recently shifted in a more radical direction, and considers the...

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