Countess de La Myre

Birth: 1740

Death: 1807

The countess de la Myre is from another prominent Picard noble family, and therefore a part of the duchess's non-Parisian social milieu. She was also another widow navigating the Revolution alone, as her husband Gabriel-Melchior, count de la Myre, had died in 1777. He had served as King's Lieutenant in Picardy, underlining this family's importance in the region. Although we have no direct evidence that the countess and the duchess of Elbeuf were personally acquainted it is most likely that they were: the countess's estate at Davenescourt was only ten miles distant from the duchess's Moreuil property. Her château was sacked in February 1791.

Appears in these Letters:


3 October: Life as an Émigré. Part 1

The duchess recounts her departure from France for Tournai in the Austrian Netherlands, which had become a rallying post for the expanding French...