Duke d' Orléans

Birth: 1747

Death: 1793

The duke d'Orléans was a cousin of king Louis XVI and a liberal reformer during the 1780s and the early Revolution. He owned the Palais-Royal, an important forum for public political discussions in Paris during this period. In 1792 he renamed himself 'Philippe-Égalité' and voted for the execution of the deposed king while serving as an elected deputy in the Republican Convention. He was himself sent to the guillotine in November 1793.





Appears in these Letters:


22 July: Revolutionary Paris in July 1789

The duchess reflects on events in the Revolution so far and the rising power of Paris's new municipal government. She castigates a...


6 November: The Terror Gathers Pace

The duchess describes the execution of Brissot and a group of his fellow Girondin deputies. She combines this with broader reflections on the...

Portrait by Antoine-François Callet

[Source: Wikipedia]