Charles-François Dumouriez

Birth: 1739

Death: 1823

Occupation: General

Dumouriez's military career stretched back to the Seven Years War, but he was also politically ambitious and saw the French Revolution as an opportunity for further personal advancement. He made connections with the Girondin faction and played a significant role in preparing the ground for conflict with Austria in 1792. As commander-in-chief of the French army he was acutely vulnerable to the deteriorating military situation in early 1793. After failing in an attempt to persuade his army to march on Paris to overthrow the government, he defected to the Austrians in early April.





Appears in these Letters:


31 July: Revolutionary Justice in the summer of 1793

The duchess offers news and personal reflections on recent developments in the French Revolution (as seen from her home in the heart of the capital)...

Portrait by J. J. Ryms, 1792

[Source: Wikipedia]