Antoine-Joseph Gorsas

Birth: 1752

Death: 1793

Occupation: Journalist; Politician

A prominent Revolutionary journalist, he was then elected to the National Convention in September 1792. The king's trial saw him swap his Montagnard sympathies for increasingly vocal support for the Girondin faction. He was targeted during the purge of the Girondins from the Convention on 2 June 1793, but escaped to Normandy and Brittany. He then returned to Paris and was arrested and executed in early October 1793, three weeks before Brissot and twent-one other Girondin deputies suffered the same fate.





Appears in these Letters:


22 October: The Execution of Marie-Antoinette

The execution of the former queen Marie-Antoinette on 16 October 1793, after a highly politicised show trial at the Paris Revolutionary Tribunal, was...

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