Princess de Lamballe

Birth: 1749

Death: 1792

A lady-in-waiting to Marie-Antoinette from the start of Louis XVI's reign, her relationship with the queen was the subject of salacious gossip right through to the Revolutionary period. She remained an active defender of Marie-Antoinette's interests and this made her vulnerable once the monarchy fell in August 1792. She was imprisoned on 19 August and killed during the September Massacres two weeks later.





Appears in these Letters:


14 August: The August Revolution: The Fall of the Monarchy

The summer of 1792 was a perfect storm for the French monarchy, with rising demands for a Republic amid military defeats and the lasting resentment...

4 September: Revolutionary Massacre: Paris in September 1792

At the start of September 1792 Revolutionary tensions boiled over in the capital in the wake of the fall of the monarchy and news of...

Portrait by Antoine-François Callet, 1776

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