Archduchess Marie-Christine

Birth: 1742

Death: 1798

Marie-Christine was archduchess of Teschen and co-governor of the Austrian Netherlands with her husband, prince Albert Casimir of Saxony (1738-1822) . She received the duchess of Elbeuf at her court in Brussels in 1791 during the duchess's spell living outside France in Tournai.





Appears in these Letters:


7 November: Life as an Émigré. Part 2

The duchess gives a more positive report of life in Tournai than in her Letter of the previous month, comparing the fear she would have been enduring...


22 October: The Execution of Marie-Antoinette

The execution of the former queen Marie-Antoinette on 16 October 1793, after a highly politicised show trial at the Paris Revolutionary Tribunal, was...

Portrait by Martin van Meytens, 1765

[Source: Wikipedia]