Jérôme Pétion

Birth: 1756

Death: 1794

Occupation: Politician; Mayor of Paris

Pétion was a deputy in the Estates General, succeeded Bailly as mayor of Paris in 1791, and became the first President of the National Convention in September 1792. He was targeted by political rivals during the Terror and committed suicide in 1794 after spending months in hiding.





Appears in these Letters:


30 June: Capture at Varennes: The Humiliation of a King

Here the duchess sifts through the wreckage of the royal family's thwarted attempt to escape Paris in June 1791. Before leaving on what would become...


14 August: The August Revolution: The Fall of the Monarchy

The summer of 1792 was a perfect storm for the French monarchy, with rising demands for a Republic amid military defeats and the lasting resentment...

4 September: Revolutionary Massacre: Paris in September 1792

At the start of September 1792 Revolutionary tensions boiled over in the capital in the wake of the fall of the monarchy and news of...


5 June: Reflections on Political Repression

The duchess explains how the balance of political power in the capital has recently shifted in a more radical direction, and considers the...

Portrait by Jean-Urbain Guérin

[Source: Wikipedia]