Jean-Marie Roland

Birth: 1754

Death: 1793

Occupation: Bureaucrat; Politician

Roland was an ally of Brissot. He served as Minister of the Interior during the 'Girondin ministry' of May-June 1792, shortly before Louis XVI was deposed. His wife, Madame Roland, was also an influential figure during this period. Roland fled Paris when the Girondin faction began to be targeted in early 1793, while his wife remained in the capital and was gaoled in June. Madame Roland was executed on 8 November 1793; her husband committed suicide two days later near Rouen in anticipation of her fate.





Appears in these Letters:


5 June: Reflections on Political Repression

The duchess explains how the balance of political power in the capital has recently shifted in a more radical direction, and considers the...

Engraving by Nicolas Colibert, 1792-1793.

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