Built 150 years previously, the Palais-Royal became an important venue for the public discussion of politics in the build-up to the French Revolution. It was owned by the king's cousin, the duke d'Orléans. See also the map of Paris in ‘Resources’.

Appears in these Letters:


14 October: A King Imprisoned? The October Days

On 5-6 October 1789, a Parisian crowd led by thousands of women marched out to demonstrate at Versailles and forced the royal family to relocate to...


25 May: Revolutionary France Faces Military Disaster

After much triumphalist rhetoric in Parisian political circles ahead of France's declaration of war against Austria on 20 April 1792, the harsh...

4 September: Revolutionary Massacre: Paris in September 1792

At the start of September 1792 Revolutionary tensions boiled over in the capital in the wake of the fall of the monarchy and news of...