Counter-Revolution in the Vendée

11th. The rebels of the Vendée make substantial gains in Touraine. They are sparing towards the troops of the line, but give the volunteers no quarter. They have just executed a battalion from Marseille who ran out of ammunition to use against them. After this they entered Thouars, where they seized artillery and munitions. It is feared that Tours is next: the gendarmerie1 is going to its aid, and several departments are going to send their new recruits there.


1. Roughly equivalent to a mounted police force. This longstanding element within France's national system for maintaining law and order had been known as the maréchaussée until it was renamed during the French Revolution. The gendarmerie functioned as an auxiliary to local National Guard units. [back]


The civil war in the Vendée region of Western France had become a serious strategic and political concern for the Republic by May 1793. The duchess appears able to follow news of the rebellion closely. This entry comes from the section of the Elbeuf manuscript comprising short daily entries rather than the much longer letter entries found earlier in the notebook series.

Date and place of writing

11 May 1793, Paris



Archives nationales de France, F7 4775/1 ( notebook 6, p. 150).