Study Aids

Resources designed to help you analyse and understand the Letters, so that you can incorporate The Elbeuf Letters digital edition into learning or teaching about the French Revolution. This material will develop over a period of twelve months from September 2021, so do check back later.

Online resources. The following websites feature useful material on French Revolutionary politics, culture and society. They are all completely free to access and French sources have been translated into English.

Exploring the French Revolution. A series of thematic essays on Revolutionary and Napoleonic France combined with a large number of written sources and images.

The British Museum Collection online. Access to a huge collection of material (including paintings, sculpture and everyday objects) relating to eighteenth-century France. You will need to think carefully how best to navigate the search function. For inspiration, here are links to basic searches for ‘bastille‘; ‘louis xvi‘ (limited to satirical prints); and ‘terror France‘.

Age of Revolutions. An online journal featuring articles on global Revolution roughly from 1750-1850, but with a particular focus on the French Revolution. There are contributions by leading historians as well as more junior scholars, and the site also features some excellent illustrations.